Safesteril can treat most dry and wet products. These include :

• Spices, seeds, herbs, botanicals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

• All shapes of products, from whole to the finest form of powder.



herbs & botanicals



dried vegetables
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Natural hydrocolloids, like seaweeds, are naturally contaminated by micro-organisms.


However, seaweed and other hydrocolloids are very sensitive to heat treatment, because of their hygroscopicity.


Thanks to its unique dry steam system, Safesteril can handle hydrocolloids sterilization. No matter what is the shape, Safesteril can treat any form of product: whole, chips, granules or powder.


Many hydrocolloids and blended formulations have been successfully treated with Safesteril, such as:
• Agar
• Carrageenans
• Karaya gum
• Locust bean gum
• Xanthan gum